A laboratory technician, working in a biosafety cabinet, prepares samples taken from patients with symptoms of covid-19, for a diagnostic test at the Institute for Health Research, Epidemiological Surveillance and Training (IRESSEF). It is the second laboratory, after the Pasteur Institute, authorised to carry out diagnostic tests for Covid-19 in Senegal.
IDRC’s response to COVID-19
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Knowledge and Innovation Exchange launches website

Cover of the Myanmar Institute for Peace and Security 2020 Annual Peace and Security Review


Myanmar think tank launches 2020 Annual Peace and Security Review


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A woman migrant worker from Myanmar operates a textile mill in Thailand.

Research in action

Meeting the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in Myanmar

Woman displays beans

Research in action

Responding to COVID-19 in Africa: Lessons from CultiAF

David Beasley and Jean Lebel

Research in action

Food crisis: Swift and sustainable actions needed


Our experts share insights on the issues and approaches challenging the international development sector today — and the role of research in finding solutions.

International support needed to respond to COVID-19 in low-income countries
Low-income countries need evidence-based policies to respond to and recover from the pandemic.


Author(s): Arjan de Haan


For African artificial intelligence that is ethical, fair
Africa must take ownership of artificial intelligence to maximize its benefits and mitigate its risks.


Author(s): Jean Lebel


Nobel winners shine light on experiment-based policymaking
The 2019 Nobel Prize winners in Economic Sciences showed how evidence-based experiments can help improve the impact of international assistance.

 Arjan de Haan    Gillian Dowie

Author(s): Arjan de Haan, Gillian Dowie



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Cover of Formal and Informal Enterprises in Francophone Africa.

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Cover of Dreaming of a Better Life.

Dreaming of a Better Life: Child Marriage Through Adolescent Eyes

Cover of Contextualizing Openness.


Contextualizing Openness: Situating Open Science

Book cover Scaling Impact: Innovation for the public good

Scaling Impact: Innovation for the Public Good



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